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The Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon in Popular Media

Is it ‘saucers, Satanists, or CIA?’: All have received accusing glances as the mutilations investigation has proceeded. The ‘answers’ may lie with any of these—or with all—or with none. ~ Thomas R. Adams, Project Stigmata, March 1978 The image that comes to mind when someone utters (udders?) “cattle mutilation” is typically little green men beaming cows… Keep Reading

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F For Force: Pseudo-Realities in The Force Beyond

William Sachs didn’t set out to make the definitive mockumentary on the paranormal. “I was approached by Donn Davison, the producer and host of the film, about making a documentary about UFOs and other related phenomenon,” he wrote via email. “I think he wanted to rip off Chariots of the Gods and other Erich von Däniken-type documentaries.”… Keep Reading

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Mormons, Aliens, and Dan Haggerty: The (Mostly) True Story of Sunn Classic Pictures

Bigfoot. Ancient astronauts! Noah’s Ark? You might think I’m referring to the programming schedule for the History Channel, and you wouldn’t be wrong depending on who you ask, but for anyone wondering why modern television is populated by what are ostensibly “documentaries” about little green men and cryptids, you have to go back a few… Keep Reading

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