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The FBI, COINTELPRO, and the Marxist Right

The message could not have been any clearer: “Socialism,” the letter read, “can be achieved through education, political activity and through allying ourselves with the major people’s struggles of these times and in this country.” [1] Keep Reading

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Concussion Without a Concussion, Truth Without Truth

In 2016 the New York Times published “United States of Paranoia”, an in-depth look into the world of gangstalking. The piece profiled Targeted Individuals — people who believe they’re being stalked by gangs of unknown assailants — and chronicled their struggles to gain recognition. Keep Reading

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Weirding the Grove

InfoWars host Alex Jones recently claimed he now believes parts of his notorious 2000 documentary Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove may be fake. Keep Reading

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America, a Shared Madness

American English is clumsy, lacking in grace and subtlety. It’s very good at expressing stupid ideas, trivial things, but not so much at conveying complex thoughts or emotions. Keep Reading

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The Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon in Popular Media

Is it ‘saucers, Satanists, or CIA?’: All have received accusing glances as the mutilations investigation has proceeded. The ‘answers’ may lie with any of these—or with all—or with none. ~ Thomas R. Adams, Project Stigmata, March 1978 The image that comes to mind when someone utters (udders?) “cattle mutilation” is typically little green men beaming cows… Keep Reading

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F For Force: Pseudo-Realities in The Force Beyond

William Sachs didn’t set out to make the definitive mockumentary on the paranormal. “I was approached by Donn Davison, the producer and host of the film, about making a documentary about UFOs and other related phenomenon,” he wrote via email. “I think he wanted to rip off Chariots of the Gods and other Erich von Däniken-type documentaries.”… Keep Reading

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Exorcism in America: A Social History of Diabolical Possessions

During a 2002 pilgrimage to the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, Pope John Paul II spoke to a crowd of congregants of a crisis of faith among Christians, stating: “Spiritual combat … needs to be taught anew and proposed once more … It is a secret and interior art, an invisible struggle in which monks engage… Keep Reading

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Satanism and Crime in 1990s Philadelphia

By May 1992, Philadelphia was in the grips of a decade-long nightmare. It seemed like the city was under constant attack no matter where you turned. In 1985, a long-simmering dispute between the city and black liberation group MOVE came to a head when the Philadelphia Police Department dropped two one-pound bombs on MOVE’s West… Keep Reading

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